Based in Chicago, our projects take us across the country and abroad. The range of our work includes residential interiors, luxury hotels, office and restaurant environments, and custom furniture finishes. We pride ourselves in our versatility and strive to bring innovation and a fresh eye to every project. We enjoy the constantly evolving market in interior design, new movements in contemporary art, as well as advances in materials and technology which give us new tools and capabilities.


We are passionate about quality in our work, and seek to provide our clients with prompt and efficient service. Our flexibility and creative problem-solving skills are an important asset on complex projects, and allow us to offer realistic and competitive pricing.


Christiaan Pretorius brings a broad knowledge of historical styles of decoration, fine art and architecture to his work. His education in his native South Africa developed his keen draftsmanship and concise graceful composition. His career as a fine artist and stage designer brought him
to the US in 1990, when he began working in the decorative arts. He enjoys the lively interaction between traditional craftsmanship and a contemporary context – seeing painted decoration through the lens of current trends
in art and interior design.


Christiaan’s wide-ranging artistic vocabulary is a valuable resource for designers and architects looking to enhance and enrich their projects
with meticulously crafted murals and applied finishes.


Jill Daly has a passionate flair for color, and a nuanced understanding of
the context and impact of decorative finishes. Her acute eye for detail and dedication to craftsmanship at the highest level make her a trusted ally of the designer or architect. Born in Wisconsin, Jill worked in theatre before establishing her career as a decorative artist. She has a wide spectrum of artistic and cultural interests, which inform and enliven her work. Her attentive rapport with clients makes the process of developing painted finishes accessible and enjoyable. Jill brings both realism and a keen aesthetic sensibility to the most refined design projects.


Pretorius Studio offers a complete range of decorative painting and specialty finishes. Services include trompe l’oeil, grisaille, glazing
of walls and furniture, gilding, eglomisé, woodgraining, faux stone finishes and authentic Italian plasters. We enjoy researching materials and developing new techniques to keep pace with changes in the interior design market. Efficient job planning and a small, highly skilled staff allows us to offer work of exceptional quality at a competitive price.


We maintain an extensive library of reference material from historical architectural and art monographs to the latest design periodicals. Our command of period styles from Baroque to Empire to Art Deco, together with our interest in current art and design trends make us a valued resource for our clients. Custom color renderings and large scale finish samples are provided for each project.


Our mural projects are all designed by Christiaan Pretorius, never delegated to assistants. The process includes a consultation and design meeting, followed by detailed color renderings that evoke the feeling of the full scale painted mural. Designs are completely custom in scale, coloration
and composition, thus providing a unique and personal work of art.


Our murals are typically painted on canvas in our studio, then installed by our team on site. This technique is more cost effective than on-site painting as it allows us to paint in
a controlled environment in our well equipped studio. It also saves time in the schedule
of a project, as our installation is efficient and clean, and can happen whenever site conditions are ready. We welcome studio visits from clients while their mural is in progress and encourage them to enjoy the entire creative process.